June 9, 2013

To Brunch We Go

I'm wearing an Alexander Wang tank, a Reformation skirt, black leather Converse high-tops, a Levis denim jacket, and carrying an A. Wang "Marion" handbag.

I got this top at a sample sale and it's probably the tightest and brightest thing in my closet—making it  the best thing to go out in, and the worst thing to go get brunch in. But I did exactly that. I went to brunch with friends in this amazing Wang top that is so blindingly colorful that it verges on sorority girl neon, and is so sportingly tight that I could mistaken for an Olympian swimmer while wearing it. Whatevs—it's my outfit and I'll try what I want to, right? Plus, orange is on of my very favorite colors. And speaking of color, after working in an office with a strict dress code of blacks, greys, and whites, I'm going to flaunt as much color as I possibly can.

Again, all photos by Dylana Suarez


Natalie Suarez said...



Bobiknannie said...

You look great :)

Liezel Esquire (FASHIOLIEZTA) said...

Love the splash of colour! :)

Zoe said...

This looks really great on you. That top, wow!